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Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa. Cape Town has a lot to offer, from gorgeous beaches, to amazing restaurants and shopping. If you’re looking for flights to cape town from Port Elizabeth, we have found some great deals on ! Take a look at our selection of flights below:

Flight prices for a month from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, one way

Departure atStopsFind tickets
15 May 2022DirectOW tickets from 116
15 May 20221 StopOW tickets from 205
15 May 20222 StopsOW tickets from 384

Cheap flights to Cape Town

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Johannesburg16 May 202221 May 2022Tickets from 120
Harare17 June 202221 June 2022Tickets from 364
Dar Es Salaam3 August 20227 August 2022Tickets from 438
Victoria Falls15 May 202216 May 2022Tickets from 449
Zanzibar18 May 202224 May 2022Tickets from 486
Moscow14 June 202220 June 2022Tickets from 573
Lusaka19 June 202223 June 2022Tickets from 575
Dubai9 June 202212 June 2022Tickets from 715
Riga29 May 20221 June 2022Tickets from 771
Mahe Island28 October 20222 November 2022Tickets from 779

What airlines offer flexible cancellation policies for flights from Port Elizabeth, Cape Town to comply with COVID-19?

FlySafair, Qatar Airways, and Airlink have all waived the change. There are cancellation fees for flights from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town. Confirm Policies for booking site

What is the flight time from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town?

A direct flight is a flight that takes approximately 1h 15m and covers 647km.

What are the flights between Port Elizabeth, Cape Town?

There are 59 direct flights between Port Elizabeth (Cape Town) per week. On average, 8 flights per day.

Which airlines offer the cheapest flights between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town?

FlySafair has been the best place to find the cheapest one way tickets in the last 3 days British Airways (R774) and British Airways (890), the lowest round-trip ticket prices FlySafair (R1 742), and British Airways (R1 781) have them.

Which airlines fly the most often between Port Elizabeth, Cape Town?

Airlink (2 times daily), Qatar Airways (2 times daily), British Airways This route has the highest number of frequent flyers (2x daily).

Which day is the cheapest to fly from Port Elizabeth, Cape Town to Cape Town?

Saturday is the cheapest flight day from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town Average and Monday are the most expensive days. Flying to Cape Town from Cape Town. Port Elizabeth: Mondays are the best day to find the best deals in Port Elizabeth Friday is the most expensive day.

What airports should I use when flying from Port Elizabeth, Cape Town to Cape Town?

Port Elizabeth will be your destination when you fly out of Port Elizabeth. Port Elizabeth Airport is often called this. Cape will be your landing point. Town Intl is also known as Cape Town Airport.

How is it possible for to find such low prices on flights between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town? is a search engine for travel. This means that we search the internet to find you. Find the lowest prices for you. More than 2 billion We are able display a variety flight queries that we process each year. Prices and other options for flights from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town

How can flight price forecast tool help me make the right choice? Time to purchase my flight from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town Flight Price Forecast Tool uses historical data to predict flight prices. What is the cost of a flight from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town? Travelers should know if they want to wait or go ahead and change their minds within seven days. Book now

What is the Hacker Fare option for flights from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town

Hacker Fares allows you to combine one way tickets to save money You will save money on a return ticket. Then you could fly to Cape Town With an airline, and then back to Port Elizabeth using another airline.

Why should I care about flexible dates feature when searching for flights from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town

Sometimes, travel dates don’t have to be set in stone. You can choose your preferred travel dates Flexible dates allow for some flexibility, so dates can be flexible. There are options for flights to Cape Town from Port Elizabeth that take up to 3 days Before/after your preferred dates. Then, you can choose the flights that best suit your needs. suit you best.

If you are visiting Cape Town and looking for cheap flights to the city, you can opt for online travel agents. They will not only help you find cheap flights to Cape Town but also guide you regarding other things that you need to know about the place. These online agents for flights in Cape Town have offices in the cities of Cape Town, Orange Free State and Masiphumelele. This enables clients to make bookings without travelling from their homes. However, if you prefer to visit South Africa from your place, you need to be flexible with your travel plans.

You will find that cheap flights to Cape Town are available from different airlines based in Australia. If you are traveling with your family, there are many airlines that offer discounted packages for your family. This includes group discounts for your whole family and single people. If you would like to enjoy cheap flights to Cape Town from Australia with your entire family, you need to book ahead.

It is important to be aware of some tips before you make your bookings for your cheap flights to Cape Town. First of all, make sure that your airline has a discount program for travel in South Africa. If your airline doesn’t have any discount deals, you should find out if they have any special programs that you can benefit from. Most online travel agents have this information on their websites. You can even call them to find out more information.

Secondly, you should compare prices between various airlines that offer cheap flights to Cape Town. This is very important especially if you plan to travel during the peak season. During such times, cheap tickets are widely available. However, if you do not wish to travel during the peak season, you should check out all the flights that are available in your destination city and plan your travel accordingly.

You should also ensure that you contact your travel agent or airline to see if there are any price reduction packages that they can offer you. Usually, these packages include any landing fees and make your flight cost much cheaper than the normal fare. You should therefore look for this type of deal when planning your trip.

The third tip for booking cheap flights to Cape Town from Elizabeth is to ask for discounts. If you are traveling by plane, you should look out for business-class ticket discounts or other privileges that you can avail. When you check in at the airport, ask the travel desk to give you a discount to this flight. You can even ask your travel agent to apply for this if you do not have time to do so yourself. This will definitely reduce the cost of your journey and make it more affordable for you.